Growing up in a big family of artists and creatives, food was always a huge part of Driss Mellal’s life. Studying art for seven years allowed him to spend every other moment of the week working hard in local Moroccan restaurant kitchens, relentlessly refining his culinary skills.

With his love for gastronomy growing, and his natural instinct to combine the worlds of art and food, Driss moved to France to focus his studies on chef school. Perfecting his expertise and educating himself on the stories of gastronomy from around the globe. Nearly 9 nine years later, Driss returned to the tropical, enchanting beauty of Marrakesh to embark on his own culinary venture.

Driss is a firm believer that beautiful and delicious food has the power to unite people; igniting the senses with opulent tastes, textures and communal experiences brings people together, making moments into memories and friends into family.–